Aircraft Management

Aircraft Management Designed For Aircraft Owners

Aircraft management is nothing new for Tafel Flying.  We have operated and managed aircraft for over 20 years.  From Florida to Kentucky to New York, we know how to efficiently manage aircraft for private individuals and corporations.

Our management program is tailored to fit your needs awhile setting us apart from a traditional charter operator.  We are here for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  When you join our management program, you are not only joining a sophisticated program designed for you, but you are joining a family that always puts you first.

Benefits of Aircraft Management by Tafel Flying:

  • 20+ years of aircraft management
  • Professional and detailed accounting and record management
  • Confidentiality
  • Hands off aircraft scheduling and crew scheduling
  • Executive support solutions
  • FAA / Safety Compliance Standards
  • Aircraft Maintenance Management with Coordinated Oversight
  • Cabin readiness for every flight
  • Aircraft cleaning and detailing
  • Crew training scheduling

Cost Savings

  • Reduced and negotiated fleet insurance rates
  • Reduced fleet fuel savings
  • Reduced lease rates on fleet aircraft
  • Reduced aircraft maintenance
  • Leaseback opportunities to recoup operating and fixed costs


aircraft management

Typical Savings By Tafel Flying

  • Hangar 40%
  • Fuel 50%
  • Maintenance 20%
  • Insurance 30%
  • Crew Rates 60%
  • Monthly Management 70%
We love helping our customers make sense of purchasing and owning an aircraft.  Let us prepare a proforma so you can better understand the costs of owning and operating an aircraft.  These costs might be less than you think!  Want to learn more about our company? Click here

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